Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning Services/Janitorial Supply Applaud Bio-Enviro. Cleaning industry comments about Bio-Enviro

Retailers, Residential Cleaners, Commercial Cleaners and the Press All Have Positive Comments About Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner.
Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner

Bio-Enviro All Natural Cleaner


Oct 19, 2008 – New York, NY, -- This product has gotten plenty of positive comments from the industry in which it is commonly used. Below are just a few of those positive experiences.

"We have been using multiple products to perform multiple tasks. Now, we just replaced all of them and use Bio-Enviro. The old thought of one product can not clean everything; well that is no longer true. Performs, saves time, money, and labor." -- Commercial Cleaning Service, East Coast, April 2008

Bio-Enviro multi-purpose cleaners -- "Thanks to our green month content in April, we've been hearing from a number of green businesses and one of the most interesting so far is New Jersey-based Bio-Enviro which makes a hypoallergenic, ecologically safe, biodegradable household cleaner that is repellent to pests." -- Staff Writers, May 2008

"Well when I used Bio-Enviro and the “Pleasant Scent” is just that. It is just as described a “fresh clean minty scent.” The scent only lasts maybe 5 min. or so after you have used it and then well your house just smells clean and odor free. I gave some to lots of friends. Some like scents and others dislike them, but Bio-Enviro seemed to please all of them. Great product I would definitely recommend it." -- Lisa, Residential Cleaning Service, NJ, July 2008

"When we first talked to this formulator, we thought he had lost his mind. Who would put neem oil in a product designed to clean everything from glass and cars to laundry and garage floors? Turns out he was right - enzymes and neem work synergistically." -- Neem Tree Farms, July 2008

"Bio Enviro is the most cost-effective, eco-friendly product we've come across to date." "The pleasant minty scent, its effectiveness in any cleaning situation, and the overall safety of this product are just a few of the attributes that makes Bio Enviro is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner for any eco-minded, frugal consumer." -- - By: Courtney Curtis, October 2008

A company spokesperson, James S. Miele, III said; "We are very pleased with the gracious comments about Bio-Enviro. We have worked diligently with a product that would be all natural, diverse, cost effective, and proudly disclose all of our ingredients."

Bio-Enviro is seeking the following; if you are interested purchasing this product in volume for commercial uses, retailing the product or in becoming a distributor. Please contact James S. Miele,III directly at

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Our goal is to market the best of a product, being ecologically friendly, superior to it's competition, while providing an excellent price point. The product line is far superior to any on the market today confident that you will agree with this as well.